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Creativity is what fuels dreams

As a venture capitalist, Kirsten Green attaches great value to progress. She talks to us about why creativity is an essential part of progress and why we need space for it to flourish.

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Kirsten Green sits in the Audi A8 and smiles out of the window.
Kirsten Green is a successful venture capitalist who is passionate about supporting people with an innovative vision of life.

Mrs. Green, you once said, you “believe in the power of progress”. What kind of power is there?

As humans, we are instinctively drawn to how things can be better or improved; progress can largely be defined as the pursuit of this. When I reflect on my life journey, I see my own personal progress. For me that includes becoming more open-minded as I gain experience and perspective, engaging with new ideas and people, and thinking about the future and what needs to happen today to solidify it. Today, we have an opportunity to lay a path for progress and a better tomorrow.  


You are one of America’s most successful venture capitalists – what is it about Venture Capital that drives you the most?

My motivation is closely tied to the “power of progress” and the opportunity, if not the mandate, to invest today for a better tomorrow. Beyond the potential for positive impact, I appreciate that venture capital requires a balance between financial and human potential.  In my heart, I am an optimist and enjoy people. My work is largely about building productive relationships, and ultimately supporting the leaders and teams I invest in. I appreciate the opportunity to support big ambitions, true passions, and leaders that can make a positive impact.


Was there a particular turning point – a moment that made you into the person you are today?

Not so much a moment as an early recognition of the fragility of life and the drive to get the most out of it. For me, that has meant embracing all experiences as learning opportunities and paths for personal growth. Investing is all about learning–learning about markets, business models, product innovation, customer behavior. After a decade investing in public market companies, I found my way to venture capital. I was compelled by the opportunity to create transformative value, both economic and human. It’s that human piece that keeps me so engaged. The journey of collaborating with founders and teams, as well as building constructive long-lasting relationships that inspire me to be better, is perhaps the biggest reward.


Kirsten Green sits in the back seat of the Audi A8, trying out the digital features.
Kirsten is an optimist at heart whose professional and personal goal is to build relationships that matter.

“We support people with a vision for tomorrow”

Kirsten Green

How do you create value at Forerunner?

We support people who have a vision for tomorrow, who have an optimistic view of how things can be done better, and that’s their purpose for starting their company. Creating value in venture capital is having a vision for the future–being able to practically see what‘s possible today, and knowing that you‘re on a journey to work towards that future that you envision. And that‘s pretty motivating.


How do you get creative and come up with new ideas? 

In this world where we are so busy, moving swiftly from one place to next, from one task to the next, it’s really important to create space for progress. The journey towards progress involves creativity. Creativity is what fuels dreams. And venture capital is a lot about dreams. It’s about dreams with real opportunity to make that happen and materialize. Creating headspace for creativity, where you can let your thoughts unfold, feels utterly essential


In closing, let’s speak again about progress: What role does it play in what you do?

It’s our responsibility to accelerate progress. We all want to believe that there is a future ahead, but to ensure that, we must live a life of progress. In my life, in my work, and through my investments, that is what I try to do.


A view of the Audi A8 interior with two screens facing the back seats.

Space for progress and creativity

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