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POI Search Extended in the Audi MMI

POI (Point of Interest) Search Extended in the Audi Multi Media Interface (MMI) connects shops along the route with Audi vehicles and brings live content to their displays.

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Smartphone scanning POI offer in the Audi MMI.
After having actively confirmed the POI, a detail page with special offers appears in the MMI. Scan the QR code on the screen with your smartphone and select an offer at the POI.

A premium car wash offer, a free coffee, a special hotel deal: Audi drivers using the Audi connect¹ infotainment package have access to special offers from petrol stations, parking, charging, coffee & quick service, restaurants, supermarkets and fashion, lifestyle & travel via the search function of the built-in navigation system. On request, they can receive relevant and location-based offers and extended information from over 70 selected partners at around 200,000 locations via the Multi Media Interface (MMI).

complements the already existing infotainment content (such as fuel price information, availability of charging stations or parking space) of the Audi MMI. Audi customers can select from and navigate to a large number of locations, so-called points of interest (POI), in the search using the touch display. POI Search Extended provides exclusive information and offers for these locations in real time in the vehicle. Once a certain action has been saved for a POI, it will be marked as “special”. Users can then decide for themselves whether they want to view the campaign or rather not go to the detail page.

The advantages for Audi customers on the detail page of a POI are manifold: They get more up-to-date and detailed service information, such as wheelchair accessibility, Wi-Fi availability or access to charging stations at the POI. Updates of service information are provided online and do not depend on updates to the navigation maps. And what’s more: current campaigns from connected business partners are displayed in real time. If available in the campaign, the QR codes displayed can be scanned with the smartphone to select incentives, special offers or vouchers at the respective POI. Detail pages can only be called up when the vehicle is stationary – not while driving. POI Search Extended is currently available in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and the United Kingdom (including Northern Ireland).

¹For more information on Audi connect, visit www.audi.com/connect or contact your Audi partner.

¹For more information on Audi connect, visit www.audi.com/connect or contact your Audi partner.

Offers across all sectors”

Thomas Bayerl is responsible for Audi’s new digital service POI Search Extended. It provides Audi customers with attractive offers along the route and thus connects them even better with their surroundings. Five questions for Mr Bayerl about POI Search Extended.

Portrait shot of Thomas Bayerl.

What special offers do Audi customers receive in the campaigns of POI Search Extended?

There is a wide range of offers available; you can currently find discounted car washes, special hotel deals, etc. Since the go-live of the service in November 2022, there have been over 50 different campaigns.


Who provides the content for the campaigns?
Our business partners such as supermarkets, petrol stations, restaurants, etc. create their own offers. We check them and only then are the campaigns transferred to the Audi MMI. At the Audi charging hubs, for instance, I can book a charging slot in advance, so I can plan my stops better.


Can I also bookmark an incentive and use it at a later date?
You can only benefit from an offer during a campaign. Bookmarking is currently not possible. However, locations can be saved as favourites in the standard settings of the navigation system.


Will I receive unwanted advertisements or notifications on the display when using POI Search Extended?
No, in order to display campaigns, customers must actively open the detail page. Advertisements are not displayed in the Audi MMI without prior consent. But POI Search Extended can also be blocked in the MMI settings.


Can customers also use the my Audi app to search for locations that offer special deals?
POI Search Extended is only available in the Audi connect infotainment package of the vehicle. But the search feature can also be used without registering in the my Audi account.

Portrait shot of Thomas Bayerl.
Thomas Bayerl is responsible for Audi’s new service POI Search Extended.
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The progressive interior of the all-electric Audi Q4 e-tron is characterised by technological innovations and functionality. Both the Audi virtual cockpit and the MMI navigation plus are standard features. The system can be expanded with the services and functions of Audi connect. The Audi connect services will support you in planning your journey and route before, during and after your trip – on holiday, business trips or weekend breaks.

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